Opening 25th July




Dear Members,


It has been a long time coming and we are thrilled to be opening on Saturday 25th July.  All classes, the gym floor, pool and squash courts will be available to members.


As you can imagine under all Government requirements, guidelines and good practices we have been working hard to ensure that we are meeting these standards to allow you to be safe whilst at your Club.  As a consequence, the way you will be expected to use the Club has changed to keep you and our colleagues safe.


Members will be expected to book a slot to visit the Club for use of the gym floor, classes, pool and squash courts.


How can I book a slot?


You can book a slot via our Fitsense app which you can download from App Store or Google Play.  We understand that a number of members have been experiencing difficulties downloading or logging in to the App.  For those that have already been using the app previously then you do not need to activate your account again, and we would advise deleting the app and downloading it again as there is a new version available.  You will then need to use the same email address that you used to log in with previously.  If you’ve forgotten your password then you will need to click on Forgotten Password and you will be sent a new one (please also check your junk folder). For new users you will need to follow the instructions sent in our previous email.  Remember when signing in you should click on Member Sign In, not Guest Sign In as this will charge you a fee.  If you do not have access to a mobile device to use the app then you can also book via the Member Login button via our website. Please also note that if you have already downloaded the new version of the App and you are getting a message saying that a new version of the App is now available please disregard this message as this is a known software issue and is currently being looked at. This issue will not affect you making any bookings.


When will I be able to book in my slot?


You will be able to book in slots 3 days in advance commencing on Wednesday 22nd July.  On this day the system will go live and you will be able to start booking in your slots.

For example:

A 10am class or gym slot for Saturday 25th will open on the booking system from 10am on Wednesday 22nd (3 days prior)

In the same way a class or gym slot at 11am on the same day will open on the system from 11am on the Wednesday before.

There will initially be a restriction of one class per member per day.  This is whilst we ascertain the numbers that are coming in to the club and booking classes.

For no shows or last-minute cancellations, we will be operating a zero-tolerance policy as class sizes will be smaller so demand will be higher.  We respectfully remind you to be mindful of your fellow members who may also wish to do these classes.


Entering the Club


Members entering the Club should stay to the left side of the ramp and right side when exiting.

On entering the Club at reception you will have your temperature checked to ensure it is within the normal parameters.
Please do not come to the Club if you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms.

Members will be required to self-scan on the QR Scanners that have been placed on the front of the reception desk.  You will be able to do this by using your membership card or the check in option on the Fitsense App.  It is therefore essential that you bring your membership card or mobile device with the Fitsense app to avoid any delays.   Priority will be given to these members and you may be asked to wait to one side if you do not have your card or mobile device.

It is essential that you sanitise your hands at reception before entering further into the Club.  You will also find sanitiser stations throughout the Club.

We advise that members should come in their training clothes where possible to avoid crowding in the changing rooms.

Changing rooms and showers will be open with a clear requirement to observe the social distancing guidelines.

In terms of ventilation, measures have been taken to ensure fresh air and air circulation is present throughout the Club.

Members will NOT BE required to wear masks in the Club and in classes.

Initially, guests will not be permitted to use any of the club’s facilities.  However guests/non members are only permitted to enter the Club to use the Nourish Cafe and Bar.




We have an expectancy from members to wipe down all equipment before and after use.  In addition to this after every gym, pool slot, class and squash court bookings we will be carrying out a further clean to ensure your safety.

Changing rooms and toilets will be scheduled to be cleaned on the hour every hour.

Also, blue rolls in dispensers and antiviral sprays will be placed around the Club.


Gym Floor


The day will be broken down into 90-minute slots.  This time must incorporate your training, shower and getting ready.

As part of the gym floor booking members will also have access to squash court 2 where we have temporarily moved some cardio machines, the stretch room, the functional training area and the brand-new Box area in squash court 1.

Members must follow social distancing rules, so if for example there are already 5 people in the functional or stretch areas, you should wait for one to leave before entering that area.

Members will be given a coloured band for their allocated slot.

After your slot the band must be returned to reception as you leave the Club.

We will then have 30 minutes to clean and sanitise the Club for the next slot.

Members are reminded that they MUST wipe down every piece of equipment that has been touched/used.  We will be monitoring this which will also be a zero-tolerance policy.


Personal Training


It is the members responsibility to book in a gym slot if a personal training session has been booked.  You must then inform your trainer that you have a confirmed slot.  It is not your personal trainer’s responsibility to book in your slot.


The Pool


Pool slots will be for 60 minutes.  You must factor in showering and getting ready within this time.

There will be a maximum limit of 6 people in the pool in any one session with lane swimming only.  There can only be a maximum of two people per lane.

There will be no differentiation between fast and slow lanes.

You must maintain swimming opposite directions to the other person in the same lane.

There will be no chairs around the pool area and we would advise that towels are kept a distance apart on the towel hooks.

Flip flops must be worn in wet areas at all times.

Where possible we would advise members to shower at home.

The steam room and sauna will initially remain closed until we receive Government guidelines as when it’s safe to do so.
We will not be running any Children’s swim times and Water Babies for the meantime.




We will initially be opening two of the three courts and playing will be in line with England Squash Guidelines.

Members will only be able to book one court session per day to allow all members the opportunity to play.


To ensure that social distancing can be maintained throughout the activity, there should be no more than two players on court at one time.


1) Match play / Full squash game Players from the same household or support bubble can play ‘normal’ squash as they would have previously to COVID-19.

2) Solo practice Individual players can practice squash on their own. Options include a range of solo practices and drills to help maintain and improve squash skills.

3) Sides ‘Sides’ is a modified version of the game that allows two players from different households (not in a support bubble) to play on court at the same time:

Only two players permitted

The aim is to hit a winner or force an error from your opponent as in regular squash

Only one player serves / touches the ball with their hand during the match

Both players must keep to their side of the court throughout each rally, using the full length of the court whilst maintaining safe social distancing throughout

If a player crosses into the other side of the court, they immediately forfeit the rally

If there is a danger of players breaching a safe social distance, they must call a let and replay the rally

Once a rally is complete, players switch sides of the court (maintaining a safe social distance) and the server restarts play.

4) Coach-led activities Up to 5 players from different households can be coached in the same session so long as social distancing requirements are maintained at all times, including when on court.

Coach must have an England Squash qualification.

Maximum of 2 players per court.


There should be NO touching of the court walls.


Changing Rooms & Lockers


The guidance recommends that members come prepared to use the Club and leave once finished.  If however, you do need to use the changing rooms / showers, we ask that you follow the guidance and observe social distancing.  Members should use every fifth locker to help achieve this and not use the changing rooms if you feel that you cannot adhere to the requirements.

All touch areas will be cleaned throughout the day.

We will be carrying out spot checks to ensure this is being adhered to.

Bags and coats should not be left on the seating and any belongings left on the seats will be removed.




We will restart your membership from Saturday 25th July 2020 with your direct debit payments to commence from 1st August and collected on your regular billing date.

For those that have paid a freeze fee during the months of closure, you will receive a separate email over the coming days outlining the payment plan.

If you have an annual membership, this will be extended for the period of closure and will also be communicated to you separately.


Cafe / Bar


Nourish By Nisha is now open 7 days a week from 9am to 3pm.  Nisha has some exciting new ideas for her menu and you can follow her @nourishbynisha on Instagram.

We suggest that tables are booked in advance for large groups as we are now taking bookings for a minimum of 5 people.

The bar opening hours are from 9am until 10pm Monday to Saturday.

Social distancing must be observed in the cafe and members should not be waiting in the cafe for classes to start unless they are making a purchase.


Treatment Rooms


Many of you will have known Adriana who managed Heal For You, has now moved on, and work for the new occupants, R&D Physio is now underway which we are all excited about.


R&D are a team of seven strong of world class physiotherapists and sport massage therapists, specialising in strength and conditioning, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, shockwave therapy for long-standing injuries and niggles, and sport-specific physiotherapy ranging from running to golf!


As an introductory promotion they are offering members 50% off the first two sessions – whether it’s in person or online.


They can be contacted on info@r-d-physio.co.uk or 02037595057 or Book Online at www.r-d-physio.co.uk/book


Finally and most important of all, we can’t wait to welcome you back to the Club.  Exercise not only helps you boost your immune system, but also gives you those mood boosting enhancing endorphins.

All we want is for you to have the best possible experience and will do everything we can to do just that, whilst keeping you safe and active.

Kind regards,

The Northwood Club