Membership Freeze Update

Dear Members,


We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.  The club is a lonely place without all your friendly faces and the buzz from having you all here day in and day out.  As a means to ensure you keep active, please use our social media pages to take advantage of all the home exercise live sessions and videos that our trainers and instructors are posting.


On a separate note, we previously emailed you to say we would freeze all memberships at £40 per month while we remain closed with a view to ensuring that members do not lose out financially.  It appears that Clubwise, our third party collections agency, did not action this as we anticipated, and a number of members were charged their full membership fee instead of the £40 freeze fee.  We can only apologise for this and request that if this has happened to you and you would rather be charged the £40 freeze, then please email info@darwinwellness.co.uk and we will refund you the difference.



Member currently paying £75 per month

Assuming the club is closed for 3 months we collect 3 x £40 freeze payments = £120

When the club reopens we will ensure that you only pay £40 for a further period of 6 months (instead of your regular payment of £75) meaning that you have not lost out.

Note that the freeze fee is NOT in addition to your regular monthly payment


Those members who are happy to allow us to continue to collect at their normal membership rate in this instance, we really appreciate the support and will also ensure that you do not lose out financially once the club reopens.


We ask that members understand that replies to emails are unlikely to be instant, but that we will endeavour to respond to any queries in a timely manner.


Please take care of yourselves.



Ash, Shylen & Nish